The Pet Medicine Company stocks a wide range and variety of cat medicines and cat products from all the leading brands. From cat pet food to cat health products such as joint supplements and flea treatments, our customers can be sure that they will find what they need when shopping for their cat, online with us.

When your cat's unwell, there is no substitute for the advice and treatment of a qualified vet, but many cat owners are capable and confident in their ability to deal with routine matters such as administering flea and worming treatments. Our range of online pet supplies allows cat owners to save time and money by purchasing their cats routine health treatments directly from our website. cat flea treatments

We provide a fast efficient service that our customers can rely on, for delivery of cat flea treatments, cat training aids such as Feliway, or any other routine pet care products your cat may need.. Worming products, such as an adult cat worm treatment or a kitten worming treatment are all available from our online store. When caring for a cat, it is important to deworm regularly and all cat owners should worm their pet, especially cats which spend time outside as they will undoubtedly pick up worms from the environment and/or their prey. Preventative treatment is the best way of looking after your pet's welfare and general wellbeing. Hopefully, this will help prevent costly visits to the vets. Our range includes cat dental products, cat calming products, vitamins and minerals, cat digestion products, and joint supplements, to name just a few. Health concerns for your pet and symptoms that worry an owner should, of course, always be discussed with a vet.

Our range of products offers the ease of shopping online and allows our customers to have confidence that the brands and products provided will meet their needs. Whatever cat medicine or cat products our customers may want, they can be sure to find it at The Pet Medicine Company. If it is not shown on our website, simply call us and we'll help you source the desired product.

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Aniwell Active Manuka Honey Anhydrous Cream 25%


Ex Tax: £11.99

The Active Manuka Honey 25% Cream can be applied directly onto the area requiring care, with or without the need of a dressing to hold the cream in place. Applied directly to the affected area the cre..

Brands: Aniwell

Aniwell Filtabac Antibacterial Cream


Ex Tax: £9.99

The barrier cover of the FiltaBac Cream simulated the properties of undamaged skin, plus the sun block properties minimise any further damage.FiltaBac Cream is the ultimate in skin protection and skin..

Brands: Aniwell

Caninsulin Syringes (pack of 10)


Ex Tax: £16.99

Caninsulin insulin syringes in boxes of 30 syringes in 0.5ml and 1ml sizes.Please ensure you are ordering the correct size of syringe, these syringes are for caninsulin U-40 insulin only.Please note: ..

Brands: Intervet

Ectoline 50mg spot-on solution for cats and kitten...


Ex Tax: £7.99

*NEW* Ectoline 50mg spot on solution for cats and kittens over 8 weeks above 1kg is a proven and effective flea and tick treatment for cats and kittens. Ectoline contains fipronil, the same active ing..

Brands: Ectoline

Frontline Spot On Cat


Ex Tax: £18.99

For the effective treatment and prevention of infestations by fleas and ticks in cats and as part of a treatment strategy for Flea Allergy Dermatitis, where this has been diagnosed by a veterinary sur..

Brands: Battles

Sebolytic Shampoo 200ml


Ex Tax: £21.99

"Suitable for cats and dogsSebolytic Shampoo is a medicated shampoo containing tea tree oil. For use on dogs and cats as an aid in the management of severe scaly and greasy skin conditions. Sebolytic ..

Brands: Virbac

Snugglesafe Heat pad and free cover


Ex Tax: £23.99

Heated in minutes. Lasts for up to 10 hours. Quick and safe, just pop in the microwave, No wires, no scalding water. Bite and scratch resistant now includes free cosy cover (fawn and black paw print c..

Brands: Snugglesafe

Snugglesafe Heat Pad Cover - Bonzo the Dog


Ex Tax: £15.99

This super soft snugglesafe heat pad Bonzo dog cover is perfect for your pet to snuggle up to. Designed to hold the snugglesafe heat pad.Perfect for treating your pet this Christmas!*please note heat ..

Brands: Snugglesafe

Snugglesafe Heat Pad Cover - Bruno the Cat


Ex Tax: £15.99

This super soft snugglesafe heat pad Bruno cat cover is perfect for your pet to snuggle up to. Designed to hold the snugglesafe heat pad.Perfect for treating your pet this Christmas!*Please note heat ..

Brands: Snugglesafe

Showing 1 to 9 of 23 (3 Pages)

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