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Although not many cat owners are aware, The Pet Company offers a wide range of capsules. These can aid in your cat’s digestive system to help keep them fit and healthy.

For cats suffering with diarrhoea or need control for faecal consistency during surgery and after surgery constipation then Peridale Capsules can help. They are a bulk promoting agent for the symptomatic relief of diarrhoea. The product is a natural, traditional herbal remedy which has no pharmacological activity.

Lypex is another capsule we stock here at The Pet Company, it is a supplement of digestive enzymes that assist food breakdown and thus improve absorption in the gut.

With all pet medicines and pet products it is important to ensure that you read the pack information carefully. If you have questions about a product or your pets’ health, please consult your vet.

Please call our team 02476 960694 if you cannot see something you desire on our website and we will try to help you source it.

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