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Kaogel VP Suspension 480ml


Ex Tax: £15.83

Suitable for cats and dogs For treatment of diarrhoea of non-specific origin in cats and dogs.Contains 1.03g Kaolin Light BP per 5ml PLEASE ENSURE YOU READ THE PACK INFORMATION & ANY ADDITIONAL LEAFLE..

Katalax Paste 20G


Ex Tax: £14.16

Suitable for catsA palatable blend of white soft paraffin, cod liver oil and malt extract that aids in the elimination of hairballs.PLEASE ENSURE YOU READ THE PACK INFORMATION & ANY ADDITIONAL LEAFLET..

Brands: Katalax

Lypex Capsules 60s


Ex Tax: £42.49

Suitable for cats and dogsLypex is a supplement of digestive enzymes that assist food breakdown and thus improve absorption in the gut.PLEASE ENSURE YOU READ THE PACK INFORMATION & ANY ADDITIONAL LEAF..

Brands: VetPlus

Norm-Prozorb 15ml Syringe


Ex Tax: £12.49

Suitable for cats and dogsA unique oral paste presentation of a nutritional supplement as a gut conditioner to assist in the management of digestive tract upsets in dogs, cats and other small animals...

Pancreatic Enzyme Cat / Dog 250g


Ex Tax: £59.99

Suitable for cats and dogsComplementary feeding product for use as part of a veterinary management regime. Can play an important role in maintaining bodyweight in cats and dogs through supporting panc..

Brands: Zoetis

Peridale Capsules 100mg


Ex Tax: £28.33

Suitable for cats and kittensPeridale Capsules are a bulk promoting agent for the symptomatic relief of diarrhoea and for control of faecal consistency during surgery and after-surgery constipation in..

Brands: Dechra

Protexin Pro Kolin+ Paste


Ex Tax: £9.16

Suitable for cats and dogsProtexin Pro-Kolin is a highly palatable paste formulation. It contains protexin, kaolin and pectin whose absorbent and soothing properties in the gut are well-known.PLEASE E..

Brands: Protexin

Protexin Pro-Soluble (All large animals) 500g


Ex Tax: £36.66

Protexin Pro-Soluble is a soluble supplement to encourage normal digestive function, specifically for animals where long term use is indicated, as a conditioner following digestive upsets or antibioti..

Brands: Protexin

Protexin Synbiotic D-C 200mg Capsules 50s


Ex Tax: £15.83

Suitable for cats, dogs and small animalsProtexin Synbiotic D-C is a capsule for daily use to help restore the gut microflora and contains the probiotic protexin and the prebiotic preplex. Probiotics ..

Brands: Protexin

Showing 1 to 9 of 13 (2 Pages)

Keeping your cat healthy starts with you. By giving your cat the nutritional supplements it needs, you're giving your cat the best possible chance at a long, healthy life.

At The Pet Company, we offer a wide selection of cat nutrition, so you'll be sure to find the product that's right for your feline friend. The Complederm supplement can help to prevent itchy and flaky skin while also promoting a healthy coat.

Catering for All of Your Cat’s Supplemental Requirements

Among our extensive range of essential cat supplies is Nutri-Vit Paste. Nutri-Vit Paste can help maintain normal body function in older cats. Other products include Zolcal-D Liquid which is a liquid formulation that can provide essential levels of Vitamin D3 and calcium to your cat’s diet.

As with any pet medicines it is important that you read the pack information and leaflet that comes with the product before administering it to your pet and if you are unsure of anything to consult your vet.

For more information on our cat nutrition products please contact us on 02476 960694 to speak to a member of our team.

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