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Breath and Dental-Care Treats for Dogs 70g


Ex Tax: £2.49

Suitable for dogs and puppies.The treat shell helps to control tartar build up, whilst the treat filling helps to maintain fresh breath. No brushing required. Contains parsley and eucalyptus.PLEASE EN..

Brands: Breath and Dental-Care

Dentagen Plaque Prevention Dog Chews


Ex Tax: £9.99

The Dentagen Plaque Prevention Chew contains only 50 calories which is approximately half the calories of the leading brand. Not only are Dentagen chews good for the teeth and gums but also good on yo..

Brands: Dechra

Dentagen Toothbrush and Paste 70G


Ex Tax: £9.16

Dentagen Toothpaste for cats and dogs contains RF2, a plant extract, which both cleans teeth and inhibits plaque formation. Every tube of the poultry flavoured toothpaste is also packed with a finger-..

Brands: Dechra

Dual Ended Toothbrush


Ex Tax: £4.99

Suitable for cats and dogsThe dual ended toothbrush helps you to reach awkward areas of your pets mouth with its angled small and large brush heads. Use with any pet toothpaste for the best oral healt..

Fragaria 3C Homeopathic Pillules 100s


Ex Tax: £7.49

Homeopathic Pillules to soften and aid the removal of tartar on encrusted teeth and to slow down and prevent the formation of new plaque deposits.PLEASE ENSURE YOU READ THE PACK INFORMATION & ANY ADDI..

Brands: Dorwest

Johnsons Sweet Breath Tablets 30s


Ex Tax: £3.99

Suitable for cats and dogsJohnsons Sweet Breath Tablets contain chlorophyll, a natural plant extract, which helps to control unpleasant breath and body odours in cats and dogs.PLEASE ENSURE YOU READ T..

Brands: Johnsons

Logic Oral Hygiene Gel 70g/50ml


Ex Tax: £7.49

Suitable for cats and dogsAn enzyme based formula, which adheres to teeth and gums and helps to breakdown existing dental plaque and helps control the bacteria responsible for the formation of plaque...

Brands: Ceva

Logic Orozyme Chews


Ex Tax: £6.66

Logic Orozyme Dental Chews are made from the toughest beef and pork rawhide with an extra tasty malt flavouring. The products abrasive surface is treated with Logic multi enzyme antibacterial spray an..

Brands: Ceva

Mark and Chappell Teething Gel 50g


Ex Tax: £4.99

SPECIAL ORDERThis product is a special order. This means it could take up to 17 working days to deliver.Mark and Chappell Teething Gel. No added sugar, colours or flavours. Made with chamomile, pepper..

Brands: Mark and Chappell

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Dental care is just as important in animals as it is with humans. The Pet Medicine Company has all of the dog supplies needed for dental care and hygiene needs including bad breath.


When it comes to toothpaste, dogs have a variety of brands and types available for their use. Some of the brands offered by The Pet Medicine Company include Enzymatic Toothpaste and Dentagen dog toothpaste. We also offer Logic Oral Hygiene Gel that does not require brushing. This gel instead adheres to teeth in order to break down plaque and bacteria.

Bad Breath

There are a number of different dog supplies to deal with the common issue of bad breath with dogs as well. These products include breath sprays, chews, gels and treats. There are also products that can be added to their food or water to help with both plaque buildup and bad breath.


Dog owners can choose from a variety of different dog toothbrushes that can be used when caring for their dog’s teeth. Some of the dog toothpastes come with a finger brush that the owner uses to brush the teeth. There are also more traditional toothbrushes available with two different ends to help reach the most awkward areas.

When it comes to dental care, don’t forget to keep your dog’s mouth as clean and bacteria-free as you keep your own.

As with any pet medicines, it is important to ensure that you read the pack information carefully. If at any time you are unsure about anything please consult your vet.

Browse our site to view our entire range of dog dental care products. If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us on 02476 960694 and we will try to help you source the desired product.

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