Skin care

Underneath all the fur, dogs do have skin that needs care to avoid rashes, flaking and other irritating conditions. Shedding can be a problem too and The Pet Medicine Company has some solutions that may help.

Skincare for Dogs

Our dog skin care range includes leading brands such as Beaphar who offer special herbal, anti-dandruff, insecticidal, anti-itch and hypo allergenic shampoos for all breeds and sizes of dogs. Coatex makes a product designed to provide dogs’ coats and skin with the essential oils needed for maximum health. Johnson’s makes a number of oil products for dogs’ skin and coats that can prevent itching skin conditions from occurring.

Deshedding, Detangling and Other Specialty Products

Other dog skincare products include the Ancol double sided wooden handle brush and the Furminator dog comb which help keep loose hair off dogs and keep their coats shiny. Mirracoat is a nutritional food supplement that reduces off-season shedding.

Johnson’s and Pet Fresh both make doggy deodorant and Petkin makes sunscreen designed especially for dogs and other pets.

Please browse our site to view our full range of dog skincare products. If you do not see the products you need please call our team on 02476 960694 and we will be happy to help you source it.

Should you at any time be concerned about the health of your animal you should consult your vet as soon as possible.

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Aniwell Filtabac Antibacterial Cream


Ex Tax: £9.99

The barrier cover of the FiltaBac Cream simulated the properties of undamaged skin, plus the sun block properties minimise any further damage.FiltaBac Cream is the ultimate in skin protection and skin..

Brands: Aniwell

Aviform Vitalcoat Dog Coat and Skin Conditioner 12...


Ex Tax: £14.99

Supplement for dogs containing gamma linoleic acid, essential fatty acid (omega) vitamins A and E and cod liver oil. Vitalcoat Coat and Skin Conditioner helps prevent a greasy coat, scaly or itchy ski..

Brands: Aviform

Coatex Capsules (240 capsules)


Ex Tax: £67.99

Suitable for cats and dogsCoatex Capsules are easy to administer, soft gel capsules to help with the problem of dry scaly, itchy skin in cats and dogs. Coatex is a balanced blend of essential oils tha..

Brands: VetPlus

Complederm 250ml


Ex Tax: £29.99

Suitable for cats and dogsPalatable nutritional supplement of essential fatty acids, co-factors and zinc for cats and dogs. Aids control of a dull coat and itchy, flaky skin conditions. An oil formula..

Brands: Virbac

Dermocanis High GLA Shampoo for Dogs 250ml


Ex Tax: £19.99

Suitable for dogs.Dermocanis High GLA Shampoo for Dogs contains borage oil, one of the richest natural sources of GLA. The cleansing action of Dermocanis Shampoo gently removes harmful irritants from ..

Brands: Dermocanis

Johnsons Skin-Eze Cream 50g


Ex Tax: £3.99

Suitable for cats, dogs, small animals and birdsA traditional soothing sulphur containing cream with natural ingredients. Aids relief of minor skin infections.PLEASE ENSURE YOU READ THE PACK INFORMATI..

Brands: Johnsons

Johnsons Tea Tree Skin Cream Dogs and Cats 50g


Ex Tax: £3.99

Suitable for cats and dogsJohnsons Tea Tree Skin Cream for cats and dogs has been traditionally used to soothe and calm minor skin conditions, scrapes, abrasions and to help promote natural healing. T..

Brands: Johnsons

Mirracoat Powder Supplement 454G


Ex Tax: £20.99

Suitable for cats and dogsMirraCoat, a nutritional food supplement, is a blend of essential fatty acids, vitamins A, B6, E, biotin and zinc which helps maintain a healthy skin and coat. Helps eliminat..

Brands: Kruuse

Petal Cleanse Dog Lotion 350ml


Ex Tax: £20.99

Suitable for dogsPetal Cleanse Allergy Lotion is a surfactant based lotion that cleanses the coat, the Fed d1 and dander which are the prime causes of allergic reactions in humans.Spray on to the hair..

Brands: Bio-Life

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