Just as important as getting the right equine medicine for your horse is choosing the proper accessories. The Pet Medicine Company provides a wide range of accessories, including combs, towels, and soaps that can be used to keep your horse looking and feeling great all year round. Some of the equine supplies provided by the Pet Medicine Company include combs and brushes, which can be used to eliminate dead hair from your horse's mane and coat.

Finer combs can also remove some insects and parasites, which will help keep your horse healthy. Many of the brushes available have hoof picks that can be used to remove stones and other debris that might get embedded in a horse's hoof and cause discomfort. Grooming kits combine many different accessories into one easy-to-use package, and equestrian towels can be used in conjunction with shampoo and show sheen to keep your horse's coat shining at all times.

The Pet Medicine Company also has active soap and hoof dressing available, which can be used to keep a horse clean and to help mend troubles with an injured hoof. The top priority of all these accessories and the equine medicine that they supplement is to not only treat any illnesses or behaviour problems your horse might experience, but to prevent them from happening in the first place.As with any pet medicines, it is important to ensure that you read the pack information carefully.

If at any time you are unsure about anything please consult your vet. Please browse our site to view our full range of equine accessories. If you do not see the products you need please contact us.

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Absorbine Show Sheen 950ml


Ex Tax: £20.99

Absorbine Showsheen is a fantastic mane and tail detangler and conditioner with added pro vitamins to nourish and strengthen the hair. The unique formula helps to keep manes and tails tangle free and ..

Brands: Absorbine

Aniwell Filtabac Antibacterial Cream


Ex Tax: £9.99

The barrier cover of the FiltaBac Cream simulated the properties of undamaged skin, plus the sun block properties minimise any further damage.FiltaBac Cream is the ultimate in skin protection and skin..

Brands: Aniwell

Curry Comb Red Plastic


Ex Tax: £1.99

Plastic curry comb designed to groom horses. Great at removing dried mud and loose hair. Rinse clean after use. PLEASE ENSURE YOU READ THE PACK INFORMATION & ANY ADDITIONAL LEAFLET PROVIDED BEFORE ADM..

Brands: Battles

Dermoline Insecticidal Shampoo


Ex Tax: £10.99

Suitable for horsesDermoline Insecticidal Shampoo is a treatment for lice infestations in horses and equines, as a repellent to flies and other insects and as a routine grooming aid. It is recommended..

Brands: Battles

FURminator Horse deShedding Tool


Ex Tax: £63.99

Suitable for HorsesFurminator deshedding tools remove the undercoat and loose hair, reduce shedding by up to 90%. Suitable for long and short haired pets.PLEASE ENSURE YOU READ THE PACK INFORMATION & ..

Brands: FURminator

Leovet No Rub 500ml


Ex Tax: £18.99

Leovet No Rub frees from dandruff, relieves itching, thereby preventing frayed long hair, bald tail root and short unsightly manes.Contains bio-sulphurous fluid and urea in order to normalise all biol..

Brands: Battles

Lincoln Ultimate Groomer


Ex Tax: £20.99

Lincoln Ultimate Groomer removes the undercoat from horses. Especially useful when grooming older horses, to remove winter coat or to maintain the coat in horses with a thick curly coat. Also removes ..

Brands: Battles

Mirra-Coat Equine Powder Supplement 2.27KG


Ex Tax: £53.99

Suitable for horsesMirraCoat is a palatable powder supplement formulated specially for skin and coat, it contains essential fatty acids, vitamins A, E, B6, biotin and zinc. MirraCoat is recommended fo..

Brands: Kruuse

NAF Oestress Powder Five Star 1kg


Ex Tax: £56.99

Suitable for mares and filliesFor the nutritional support of the hormonal system in mares. Recommended for mares who experience difficulties with their seasons, rendering them moody. For use where beh..

Brands: Battles

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