First aid

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Activate Wound Dressing Pad 15cm


Ex Tax: £3.33

Activated carbon dressing for advanced wound management, bacterial cleaning and to aid healing of infected and chronic wounds.PLEASE ENSURE YOU READ THE PACK INFORMATION & ANY ADDITIONAL LEAFLET PROVI..

Brands: Robinson Animal Healthcare

Aloe Vera Soothing Gel 200ml


Ex Tax: £5.83

Aloe vera is well known for its qualities. It soothes, calms, cools and refreshes raw, irritated areas and helps to stop the need to rub. The product moisturises dry damaged skin caused by over exposu..

Brands: Barrier

Aluspray 210ml


Ex Tax: £12.49

Suitable for various animals including horses, cats and dogs. Aluspray forms an aluminium powder barrier to moisture and stop infection over wounds. The fine mist propelled means Aluspray completely c..

Brands: Vetoquinol

Animalintex dressing


Ex Tax: £6.66

Suitable for equine and dogsImpregnated multi-layered poultice and wound dressing for equine and dog use. Economical and convenient, use wet or dry, hot or cold. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Boric acid 2.08g a..

Brands: Robinson Animal Healthcare

Animalintex Hoof Shaped Dressing 3s


Ex Tax: £5.83

Suitable for horsesAnimalintex Hoof Shaped Dressing is an impregnated multi-layered poultice for use on horses. For the effective treatment of hoof diseases, hoof injuries and hoof conditions. Economi..

Brands: Robinson Animal Healthcare

Aniwell Active Manuka Honey Anhydrous Cream 25%


Ex Tax: £9.16

The Active Manuka Honey 25% Cream can be applied directly onto the area requiring care, with or without the need of a dressing to hold the cream in place. Applied directly to the affected area the cre..

Brands: Aniwell

BHB Veterinary Wound Powder


Ex Tax: £4.16

Suitable for horsesAn antiseptic power for use on minor wounds, saddle sores, cuts, bites and scratches on horses.ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Tosylchoramide sodium 2%w/w.PLEASE ENSURE YOU READ THE PACK INFORMA..

Brands: BHB

Co-Flex Cohesive Flexible Bandage


Ex Tax: £1.66

Co-Flex is a strong flexible cohesive bandage suitable for use by all animals. The non sticky yet self adhesive bandage does not rip out hair when removed. Pet friendly. PLEASE ENSURE YOU READ THE PAC..

Brands: Andover Healthcare

Cotton Wool 500g


Ex Tax: £4.16

Veterinary quality cotton wool roll. 18½ length, ideal for use as a padded protection under first aid bandaging. For use in cleaning injuries and wound preparation.PLEASE ENSURE YOU READ THE PACK INFO..

Brands: Battles

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