Skin care

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Aniwell Filtabac Antibacterial Cream


Ex Tax: £7.49

The barrier cover of the FiltaBac Cream simulated the properties of undamaged skin, plus the sun block properties minimise any further damage.FiltaBac Cream is the ultimate in skin protection and skin..

Brands: Aniwell

Aniwell Filtaclear Antibacterial Cream


Ex Tax: £6.66

FiltaClear cream is ideal for the equine world, in particular for skin conditions that need to be treated prior to or during shows and competition events.Effective antibacterial qualities that will pr..

Brands: Aniwell

Dermoline Insecticidal Shampoo


Ex Tax: £7.49

Suitable for horsesDermoline Insecticidal Shampoo is a treatment for lice infestations in horses and equines, as a repellent to flies and other insects and as a routine grooming aid. It is recommended..

Brands: Battles

Equistro Kerabol 1 Litre


Ex Tax: £34.99

Suitable for horsesKerabol is a complementary feeding stuff containing biotin, zinc, methionine and manganese. The product assists in maintaining healthy keratin formation in the hooves, hair and skin..

Brands: Equistro

Kevin Bacons Active Soap


Ex Tax: £14.99

Kevin Bacon’s Active Soap is great at alleviating itchy skin and hot spots. 100% natural this product helps to soothe the skin and help to break the itch-scratch cycle in horses and dogs. The essentia..

Brands: Battles

Lincoln Insecticidal Lice Control Powder 750g


Ex Tax: £14.16

Lincoln Insecticidal Lice Control Powder is a ready to use permethrin based insecticidal powder. For use in animal houses, around the stable; also apply to rugs, blankets, bedding, baskets.PLEASE ENSU..

Brands: Battles

Switch 250ml


Ex Tax: £28.33

Suitable for horses and donkeysSwitch pour on treatment, aids the control of sweet itch on horses and donkeys. Treat once a week. ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Permethrin 4%w/v.PLEASE ENSURE YOU READ THE PACK IN..

Brands: VetPlus

Vetrolin Linment 946ml


Ex Tax: £22.99

Vetrolin Liniment is an invigorating, aromatic liniment which helps stimulate the blood flow to relieve minor stiffness, soreness and inflammation in muscles and joints.PLEASE ENSURE YOU READ THE PACK..

Brands: Battles

Le Mieux Close Shave 50 Pack


Ex Tax: £19.16

The LeMieux CloseShave is the perfect way to quickly trim the face, ears, feathers, bridle paths, and more.This is perfect for horses who are anxious or difficult - as there is no risk of cutting them..

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