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Cavalesse Oral Sachets 3x20g


Ex Tax: £46.66

A natural feed supplement containing vitamins, minerals and nicotinamide (a form of soluble B3) which combat the symptoms of skin allergies associated with spring & summer such as sweet itch.Natural n..

Brands: Fidavet

Dodson and Horrell Milk Thistle 500g


Ex Tax: £12.99

Milk Thistle is a feed supplement for equines. Milk Thistle, a natural herb for the nutritional maintenance of the liver. PLEASE ENSURE YOU READ THE PACK INFORMATION & ANY ADDITIONAL LEAFLET PROVIDED ..

Brands: Dodson & Horrell

Equistro Azodine 2kg


Ex Tax: £29.16

Suitable for horsesAzodine is a complementary mineral feeding stuff for horses that aids in the management of azoturia (exertional myopathy). Rich in calcium and sodium salts, electrolytes that play a..

Brands: Equistro

Equistro Flexadin UCII Powder


Ex Tax: £130.99

Suitable for horses and poniesA complementary feeding stuff for joint support and mobility in actively athletic horses.Equistro Flexadin UCII for horses is an original complementary feeding stuff form..

Brands: Equistro

Equistro Legaphyton 900g


Ex Tax: £57.99

Suitable for horses, foals and poniesA complementary feeding stuff rich in silibin which supports the liver function of horses, including older horses, overfed horses and horses under intensive traini..

Brands: Equistro

Equistro Mega Base 3KG


Ex Tax: £38.99

Suitable for horses and poniesA complementary daily feed supplement for horses and ponies supplying optimum basic vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids. Provides compensation of natural d..

Brands: Equistro

Equistro Respadril 250ml


Ex Tax: £19.16

Suitable for horses, ponies and foalsEquistro Respadril is a liquid feed supplement for short term use to assist with the natural self-cleansing process and mucus formation in the horses upper respira..

Brands: Equistro

Kossolian Blood Salts 2.5kg


Ex Tax: £19.99

Suitable for horsesKossolian Blood Salts is a palatable balanced blend of minerals, salts, trace elements and vitamin B12. Formulated for horses in full work, young stock and mares during the last 4 m..

Brands: Battles

NAF General Purpose Supplement 1.5Kg


Ex Tax: £11.66

NAF General Purpose Supplement is a complimentary daily feed for horses and ponies which provides a broad spectrum of vitamins and mineral for health and vitality. Ideal for all horses and ponies rece..

Brands: Battles

Showing 1 to 9 of 13 (2 Pages)

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