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Taking good care of your pets is essential for their health, wellbeing and overall happiness. To keep them in the best shape possible, we've asked our experts for advice on diet, excercise, housing and healthcare for your pets!

If you've got any questions, please give us a call to speak to one of our experts, but if you are concerned about your pet, we strongly recommend to seek advice from your vet as quickly as possible.

Taking Care Of Your Horse This Winter

The winter months can be more challenging for horse owners and at The Pet Company there is nothing more we want than to make these cold and wet days bearable for you and your horse.

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Fun Things To Do With Your Dog

Are you feeling the winter blues? Maybe your dog is too. Is the everyday walk around the local park getting monotonous and less relaxing as the weather gets colder? Do you need that little boost of energy and motivation to get you and your pooch out of the house or do you just need some sparking ideas for you and your dog to do in general? At The Pet Company we know some fun things to do with your dog which will make you forget about the miserable weather and will make it exciting for you both!

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November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month

At The Pet Company, we care about pets no matter of their age, size or background. We are here to help our fury friends live their best life and to encourage YOU to adopt a senior pet! 

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The Mystery of the Black Cat and Top Tips for your Cat this Season

As the nights draw in and the excitement kicks in, your cat is a lot more vulnerable this time of the year. As part of The Pet Company we want your little fury friends to be safe and calm, so we've put together our top tips for your cat to keep them safe until spring time!
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What to Do In a Pet Emergency

We all know the basics of what we need to do when a fellow human needs help, but what about your pet? Here at The Pet Medicine Company, we’ve put some tips together to help you in a pet emergency!
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What to Do If Your Dog is Scared of the Vet

It is not uncommon for your dog to be afraid of the vets, and when that time comes around it’s a nightmare for everyone involved. Here at The Pet Medicine Company, we’ve put some top tips together to make it easier.
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The Pet Medicine Company’s recommendations for ways to celebrate valentine’s day with your pooch!

Valentines day is often filled with expectations, but it doesn’t have to be all about red roses and romance, just doing something special for yourself with your four-legged companion is enough to make your day special. Below we have provided you with a list of things that you can do this year.
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The Pet Medicine Company’s recommendations for picking the perfect boarding cattery

Trusting someone to look after your beloved cat while you are away on holiday can be tough. So, knowing that you have chosen the perfect boarding cattery for your cat can help put your mind at ease. There are several things to look at when choosing the right cattery, including the type of cattery, living environment and staff. Over the holiday period good catteries tend to book up fast, so its best to start your search in plenty of time. The best place to start is to find out if anyone has any recommendations where they have had a good experience as this will help to give you more confidence.
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The Pet Medicine Company’s recommendations for pet friendly hotels

Going on holiday is a luxury no one wants to miss out on, whether it’s a weekend away in Cornwall or a tropical getaway. Pet owners have the added pressure of making sure their pet is taken care of when they take a trip, but there is the option that many don’t take up!
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The Pet Medicine Company’s recommendation of how to keep your pet at a healthy weight!

Just like us, carrying extra weight can be dangerous for our pets and there are many health consequences associated with being overweight. Here’s a few recommendations from our experts to help to keep your pet’s weight in check!
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The Pet Medicine Company's Recommendations For Picking The Perfect Boarding Kennels

Planning on taking a vacation this year? Is the thought of leaving your dog behind troubling you, well there is no need to worry. Boarding kennels can be the perfect place!  Choosing the right once can be a challenge especially if you have not tried kennels before. Below we have created a list to help you narrow down the perfect boarding kennel.
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The Pet Medicine Company Top 5 Spring Dangers For Pets

Spring is great - the snow has cleared, the mornings are (hopefully) less bitter, and the nights are longer. But Springtime can also present greater, often unseen dangers for your pets - one of the UK’s leading out-of-hours pet emergency services will see a 33% surge in emergency calls as we shift into springtime. In order to keep your furry friends safe, watch out for the hidden spring hazards listed below.
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