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Gentian Violet Spray 240ml


Ex Tax: £7.99

Traditionally used to provide relief and treat cuts, abrasions and wounds. Also used to help birds which perform feather pecking. A non aerosol spray suitable for use with almost any animal. Use with ..

Brands: Battles

Lapizole 100ml


Ex Tax: £21.99

Suitable for rabbits, ferrets, reptiles and birdsWormer to aid in the prevention and treatment of infections caused by Encephalitozoon cuniculi. In tests, rabbits loved the taste.ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Fe..

Brands: Dechra

Mikki Flea Comb


Ex Tax: £6.99

Suitable for cats and dogsMikki Compact Flea Comb offers an effective way of removing fleas and their eggs from your pet.PLEASE ENSURE YOU READ THE PACK INFORMATION & ANY ADDITIONAL LEAFLET PROVIDED B..

Mite Treatment Ivermectin Drops 1% 5ml


Ex Tax: £19.99

For the treatment of fur mange, ear and skin mites and lice in small animals. Suitable for treating ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals such as rats.Ref: IVE004Classification: SAES..

Brands: Harkers

Mycozole Spray 50ml


Ex Tax: £28.99

Suitable for small animals including birds.A topical spray for the prevention and treatment of fungal and bacterial skin infections.ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Miconazole nitrate 10mg/ml.PLEASE ENSURE YOU READ..

Brands: Dechra

NAF MSM Ointment 250g


Ex Tax: £14.99

A thick lanolin based ointment that provides a protective barrier to minor wounds whilst supporting the skin's natural healing process.Ref: MSM001Classification: GENERAL SALES..

Brands: Battles

O Tom Tick/Tick Twister


Ex Tax: £4.99

Two green plastic easy to use tick removers (one large and one small) that will safely remove the whole of the tick including the mouth.PLEASE ENSURE YOU READ THE PACK INFORMATION & ANY ADDITIONAL LEA..

Protexin Bio-Lapis for Rabbits 6 x 2g


Ex Tax: £9.99

AVAILABLE IN 6 x 2g sachetsSuitable for rabbits and small animalsA concentrated soluble powder containing a probiotic, a prebiotic, enzymes, electrolytes and vitamins to help quickly restore the gut m..

Brands: Battles

Purfect Small Animal Dip 50ml


Ex Tax: £2.99

Small Animal Dip is a concentrated solution for improving and maintaining the coat and skin condition of small animals with residual insect repellent effect. A concentrate for dilution with water befo..

Showing 1 to 9 of 22 (3 Pages)

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